GreenGeeks vs HostPapa

By | November 9, 2016

GreenGeeks is one of the stop web hosting providers that provides unlimited features, including disk storage, bandwidth, and free domain names. Hosting at GreenGeeks allows you to have a 30% green website — distinguished as such because their servers are three times as eco-friendly as other companies’. HostPapa has recently come onto the scene as a competitor, and for this reason, we’ll investigate GreenGeeks vs HostPapa in our review of these two companies.

HostPapa vs GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks provides webhosting that is extremely reliable, using daily backups to ensure all content is kept malware free. Their servers utilize special Intel dual quad core capability with secure imap and pop3 email accounts. You will also receive a free website migration from your current webhost, with free marketing and SEO tools.

GreenGeeks servers are hosted inside datacenters that use premium fire suppression, 24/7 security and water detection, climate control, raised floors, and specialized generators. This way, customer data remains secure, safe, and cooled properly. The have a number of IP locations, including Phoenix, Chicago, Toronto, and others around the globe. Their network infrastructure is supported by Juniper edge routers.

In addition, you’ll get solid state drive storage, a one click install tool that enables you to quickly set up your site, and an enhanced cPanel view that lets you manage your emails and other files quickly. You’ll get apps integration for Google as well.

HostPapa includes basic setup options such as cPanel and email, but they fall short in terms of hardware and software. In addition, they don’t provide advanced tools for integration.

Scalability and Reliability

Additional GreenGeeks features include scalability and reliability. When you have to deal with increases or sudden spikes in traffic, this can backfire, causing your site to actually load slower or go down in terms of performance. GreenGeeks has allowed for this problem, providing backup servers so that you’ll easily be able to deal with sudden surges in traffic with no loss of performance.

HostPapa still falls short in this regard, and during a test where we sent additional traffic to one of our hosted sites using HostPapa, we found they were 23% longer in loading than using GreenGeeks — a significant difference overall.

GreenGeeks has prided itself on a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Many customers are frustrated when a site goes down, as that translates to lost customers and revenue potential. But GreenGeeks purchases energy efficient, robust servers using 64GB DDR3 Ram and Xeon processors, as well as SSD RAID-10 storage arrays. This allows for premium levels in performance — as well as redundancy. The company also provides for Gigabit connectivity, leaving you with extremely fast and reliable service.

HostPapa uses only basic servers and processing technology, so they again fall short in this regard. However, the company has recently made efforts to pick up their hardware and try to get more competitive in the hosting race.


GreenGeeks hosting starts at just $4 per month, while Hostpapa comes in at $10 per month for the basic plan. For this reason, GreenGeeks is definitely the better value in terms of price.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

GreenGeeks has long employed the most knowledgable technicians all over the United States, with none of their customer service being outsourced. You can quickly get to someone at any time of the day, using chat and email as well as phone support. Since customer support is such a large part of being a happy customer, the company truly focuses on this area of service. They also offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee, something Hostpapa does not.

In our test of GreenGeeks’ customer service, we found that the tech rep we spoke to was quickly able to get our site up and running using only minimal instruction. He was also friendly and helpful, directing us to the community-built article directory and video file repository to help us diagnose further problems we might run into.

HostPapa fell short in this regard, only providing the most limited customer service and while they did offer email and chat support, it took 55% longer to get through to someone.

Conclusion — GreenGeeks Wins

With their extreme emphasis on being the latest in terms of high-performance computing and technology, GreenGeeks is one of the best web hosting companies you can select. HostPapa simply didn’t come close in terms of reliability and scalability, customer support, or clean energy support for their data centers and web hosting facilities. In our review of GreenGeeks vs Hostpapa, GreenGeeks definitely comes out ahead as our #1 choice. For this reason, anyone seeking affordable, competitive hosting would do well to investigate GreenGeeks and their clean energy supported facilities.

GreenGeeks rating: 5/5 stars.