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Why You Need to Use a Proxy:

The most common method for hiding an IP address is by using a proxy server. Proxy servers are computers that allow people to make indirect connections to them and then connect to their final destination on the web. For example, a client connects to a proxy server from their broadband connection to download a website file from The proxy server would be the computer and IP address that actually connects to our website, not your broadband connection or IP address.

One downside to proxy servers is that they may alter server response times or connection speeds. Since the files you download and websites you visit are going through a proxy server, speeds will always depend on what kind of connection the proxy server has and not your own computer.

Hide My IP Address:

The quickest way to hide your IP address by using a web proxy. Web proxies are websites that act as proxy servers. You visit the website, enter the URL you want to surf, and that's it! Web proxy sites are listed below for you to try out. Selected Proxies are those that have PAID to be listed first. Try those FIRST.

We place the most reliable proxy sites in our Featured Section if you want to list your own proxy site there please click here.

Alternatively you can submit your proxy site to our Free Proxy List here

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Proxy URL Hits Age Status
http://unblockme.us6494 weeksOnline
https://proxyone.net4912 weeksOnline
http://funproxy.net4262 weeksOnline
http://surfiproxy.com7163 weeksOnline
http://unblockproxyschool.info6534 weeksOnline
http://wehideyourip.info2771 weekOnline
http://proxybig.net8321 monthOnline
https://filterbypass.me5122 weeksOnline
http://unblocksite.net7083 weeksOnline

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Glype Proxy (590 proxies)
PHProxy (145 proxies)
CGI Proxy (3 proxies)
Zelune Proxy (5 proxies)
Surrogafier Proxy (no proxies)
Happy Proxy (2 proxies)
ASProxy (no proxies)
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Proxy URL Proxy Info Proxy Type Total Hits Listing Age
http://webproxy02.netmore infoPHProxy7761 month
http://bestsurfing.infomore infoPHProxy6181 month
http://anonymizer.numore infoGlype Proxy5101 month
http://proxyfilter.pwmore infoGlype Proxy4351 month
http://proxypay.infomore infoGlype Proxy4411 month
http://20proxybrowser.infomore infoGlype Proxy4061 month
http://proxsurff.commore infoGlype Proxy4841 month
http://90proxybrowser.infomore infoGlype Proxy3971 month
http://webproxy02.infomore infoPHProxy731 month
http://hiddeninfo.infomore infoGlype Proxy811 month
http://webproxy02.commore infoPHProxy591 month
http://proxyfree.semore infoGlype Proxy1001 month
http://hiddenrun.infomore infoGlype Proxy811 month
http://30proxybrowser.infomore infoGlype Proxy731 month
http://40proxybrowser.infomore infoGlype Proxy531 month
http://webproxy02.bizmore infoPHProxy531 month
http://unblockme.usmore infoPHProxy741 month
http://10proxybrowser.infomore infoGlype Proxy551 month
http://webproxy01.infomore infoPHProxy391 month
http://vanishme.infomore infoPHProxy741 month
http://proxylogic.infomore infoGlype Proxy471 month
http://frproxy.pwmore infoGlype Proxy691 month
http://free-server.semore infoGlype Proxy561 month
http://tunnelcash.infomore infoGlype Proxy491 month
http://tunnelbig.infomore infoGlype Proxy511 month
http://securein.infomore infoGlype Proxy621 month
http://privatesite.infomore infoPHProxy501 month
http://browsetravel.infomore infoGlype Proxy541 month
http://hiddensimple.infomore infoGlype Proxy761 month
http://oopseydoopseyproxy.infomore infoPHProxy761 month
http://poerba.commore infoPHProxy811 month
http://magichost.infomore infoPHProxy681 month
http://proxymed.infomore infoGlype Proxy491 month
http://japanproxy.numore infoGlype Proxy682 months
http://tunneltrip.infomore infoGlype Proxy552 months
http://proxypage.infomore infoGlype Proxy542 months
http://hiddenschool.infomore infoPHProxy632 months
http://workdigi.commore infoGlype Proxy642 months
http://proxysite.numore infoGlype Proxy662 months
http://viscasurfing.commore infoPHProxy402 months
http://hiddengift.infomore infoGlype Proxy522 months
http://securecyber.infomore infoGlype Proxy442 months
http://iamalittlekitty.infomore infoPHProxy442 months
http://thisisawesomeprox.infomore infoPHProxy402 months
http://wackyweberprox.infomore infoPHProxy342 months
http://fastcoupon.infomore infoGlype Proxy422 months
http://browsefree.infomore infoGlype Proxy432 months
http://fastzen.infomore infoPHProxy562 months
http://maxyproxy.commore infoPHProxy752 months
http://fastpro.infomore infoPHProxy722 months

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